iPad App of the Week: Logitech Alert App Lets You Be Your Home’s Big Brother (or Sister)

This app is only for owners (or potential owners) of a Logitech Alert HD video security system. If this means you, the Logitech Alert App works with your home surveillance system to allow you access to all of your camera feeds on the go, in 720p HD, on your iPad. This part is free, but there’s also a yearly subscription-based offering available, called the Logitech Alert Web and Mobile Commander service, which allows you to view any motion-activated recordings from your home, and to manage system settings remotely. You can also get alerts when motion triggers a camera, for up-to-the-second security updates. The latter service runs for $79.99 per year, while the Logitech Alert App itself is free of charge. So, if you need that little extra boost of confidence or peace of mind on the go, and you’ve already got your eyes in the sky set up, this is a pretty handy remote monitoring system.

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