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One Month Later with the iPad 2 Smart Cover and It Isn’t Pretty


It has been a little over a month since we started using the iPad 2 Smart Cover. And while we have already reviewed the Smart Cover in depth, we need to comment on how disappointed we are with this accessory after using it for just a few weeks. Don’t get us wrong, although we hate its price tag, we do really like the iPad Smart Cover as an accessory. That said, we’re not happy with how the quality of the case has held up over the past few weeks. This is especially disturbing considering how pricey the cases are.

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Our $70 black leather smart cover case is already showing significant signs of wear and tear, and that is from just moderate use. Its edges are becoming bent out of shape, and the leather itself is starting to look rubbed out, scuffed, and old.

As for the $40 blue cover, that too is showing premature signs of age. For one thing – it has gotten dirty real quickly! When it comes to cleaning the cover, the grey underside of the smart cover is able to clean up pretty nicely. On the other hand, the color outside, which tends to pick up stains and scuffs, we’re having difficult time getting  it to look like new again. We tried using Clorox wipes to get the big stains off of our blue cover, but they aren’t budging.

I’m glad that some Smart Cover clones are making its way to the market because by looks of things…I’m going to need a new one stat.






Anyone else disappointed with how their iPad Smart Cover is holding up?

Update: It seems that many other Smart Cover owners are experiencing similar frustrations. Check out these threads over at MacRumors. (1, 2)