NZXT Bright Pink PC Case Line-up is Most Offensive April Fools’ Joke Yet

The April Fools’ Day pranks keep rolling in. We’ve seen everything from Edible Gummy iPhone cases, to a Marry Your iPhone Service, to a PLAYMOBIL Apple Store set, and Google Motion. Unfortunately, this latest April Fools’ Day prank from NZXT has kind of offended us. Sure, we know how to have a sense of humor sometimes, but this time we’re a little peeved anyway. That is because NZXT has “created” an entire line of PC case and PC case accessories that are colored in bright pink. Sure, not every girl likes pink, but would a bright pink PC Case line-up with matching pink accessories be all that bad to produce? Also, their press release directs you for more information about the pink line-up, except the link takes you to a You’ve Been Rick Roll’d video.


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  1.  I don’t see what’s to be offended about. Thanks to the positive response, they are actually going to produce a pink Phantom case later this year. I’m planning to buy one.

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