Pocket Chair is a Must-Have iPhone 5 Launch Accessory

When it comes to product recommendations, Regis Philbin usually isn’t our go-to guy. But for once, we gotta give the guy some credit. This morning, on the radio, he couldn’t stop raving about the Pocket Chair. Yes, the Pocket Chair is one of those cheesy “As Seen on TV” gadgets, but you know what, this foldable chair is super practical to have with you for ilaunches! The Pocket Chair is able to fold up and fit in your pocket, yet it’s strong enough to hold up to 250lbs. That means that it’s absolutely a must have accessory for the upcoming iPhone 5 launch, if you plan on waiting on line to get one. It should also be worth its weight in gold for the eventual iPad 3 launch and every other launch that makes you lose feeling in your legs and feet after a few hours of standing.

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