iPad App of the Week: RemoteVU (Kind Of) Gives Your iPad Flash Support

No, you won’t be checking out Flash content using your Safari browser, but you will be able to watch Flash content on your iPad, which is an absolute blessing for countless Apple fans. How? Pro Softnet’s RemoteVU app, available from the iTunes app store for $1.99, allows users to remotely access their Windows PCs through the iPad. You can stream anything that’s on your PC to your iPad, including the use of your PC’s web browser to stream Flash content. Of course, full access to Office suites, browser games and whatever else you’ve got on your PC is available – you have complete remote access. There is some software to install on your PC, and you do need to use a local Wi-Fi connection for the app to work, but it’s easy to use and it allows you to lay on your couch for hours playing Flash games on your iPad. What’s not to love?


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