Carry Your iPhone with the Adorable Rilakkuma Dock Connector Neck Strap

Generally we would agree that carrying around your cell phone on a neck strap is as No-no. But now that we have discovered these adorable San-X Rilakkuma Dock Connector Neck Straps for the iPhone, our opinions may have been swayed. These adorable dock San-X Rilakkuma neck straps are able to securely carry your iPhone by connecting to your iPhone’s dock connector. And it looks like it is compatible with both the iPhone 4, and 3GS. So not only are these adorable, but they are practical and secure too.

Each San-X Rilakkuma Dock Connector Neck Strap retails for $16.40 over at Strapya-World.


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  1. Pretty sweet! But I wonder how strong the clip is… It would be better if they can provide some kind of transparent rubber band that will strapped to the iPhone instead of just relying on the connector port alone.

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