7 Gadgets That Are Straight Out of Intel’s Tech Heaven

Intel isn’t just a company concerned about making computer processors. They’re also heavily invested in technology for tomorrow. In 2010 alone they invested $6.6 billion dollars into research and development that focused on technologies for the car, home, health, and retail space. Here are glimpses into the future of the connected experience in these spaces, or as Intel likes to call it – Tech Heaven.

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NAO Humanoid Service Robots

This adorable little humanoid robot is named NAO and is actually running on an Intel Atom processor. NAO is able to see, hear and talk. He is being used in education research around the world. In particular, he has been found to be especially valuable when dealing with children with autism whom find it easier to interact with him than with people. As a result, NAO is able to support teachers as a way to communicate with these kids. It also doesn’t hurt that NAO is adorable.

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Qbo Service Robot

Qb0 is another adorable robot, that also runs on an Intel Atom processor. But Qbo is being developed as a tool for security. He is able to recognize and track faces and objects in real-time, plus he can also detect color, and perform gesture detection and analysis, making him the perfect unassuming security bot.

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Next Generation Meal Planning Solution from Kraft Foods

This joint project from Intel and Kraft Foods might very well show up in a supermarket some day soon. This self-service kiosk offers an interactive retail shopping experience. Customers can us the kiosk to get recipes, shopping suggestions, coupons and even product samples. While this experience has the potential to be lots of fun for customers, at the same time it’s also a dream for marketers because the system has a built-in analytics system. This analytics system can even identify the age and sex of kiosk’s users. This offers marketers a better understanding of which customers are looking for what products.

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adiVERSE Virtual Footwear Wall

The adiVERSE Virtual Footwear Wall was produced by Adidas and Intel together as a new way to offer in-store shoppers access to Adidas expanded online inventory. Customers can use the touch-screen to shop for and select shoes on a virtual shelf. The shoes can be viewed in detail, even from multiple angles. The system is powered by Intel Core i7 processors and features 3D rendered images.

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MayaFit Virtual Fitness Trainer

The MayaFit Virtual Fitness Trainer from Respondesign, is kind of like having a virtual personal trainer. The MayaFit system is also similar to Kinect, in the way that a user can interact with it using motion. The system will collect a person’s exercise data and also provide users with a points-based system for coaching. MayaFit is already being used in some of Intel’s own employee gyms, as well as in a few hospitals and universities in the U.S.

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Home Energy Management from Capgemini

The Capgemini Home Energy Management Console, which is also powered by an Intel processor, is a concept device that is designed to work a command center in your home that provides you with information about your utility costs. The console also helps plan daily activities, access personnel messages and activate home security systems.

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Intel Wireless Display & Intel Insider

This technology was actually announced back at CES 2011, but we totally missed it somehow. With Intel Wireless Display technology, someone using an Intel PC with a 2nd gen Core processor with built-in visuals enabled, can wirelessly share content to a big screen TV. That includes 1080p content, Blu-Ray content and special protected content such as for example – new same day movie releases from Cinema Now.


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