BlackBerry App of the Week: Tether Adds Internet Tethering, Without Monthly Fees

At this point, all of us are probably familiar with Internet tethering, and AT&T and Verizon subscribers are all equally bummed about not being able to get it for free. Well, apparently now there’s a way to circumvent that. It’s not free, but after a one-time charge, there are no monthly fees, making it worth it in the long run. For those unfamiliar, Internet tethering is the act of using your phone as a wireless hotspot for your PC or Mac, using your data network connection. You can download the Tether software for free for your BlackBerry and PC or Mac, and use it for a free 7-day trial, after which you can opt to pay $49.99 for the full version. If you’ve been looking to get wireless for your laptop on the go anytime, anywhere, but haven’t been willing to pony up to the big service providers, this might be a more cost effective alternative.

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