Thinksound ts01 Sport Headphones Review

I like my workouts at the gym to be intense but I’m often halted by the lack of ruggedness of sports headphones. They fall out when I jog, slip when I sweat and quality is negligible. Would the Thinksound ts01 Sport headphones pass the workout sweat test? They pride themselves on offering bass ‘that never distorts’ as well as a natural sound. Did they deliver? Read on to find out.

What’s in the box?

The box contains a small cotton pouch to carry the headphones in, four sizes of earbuds, a cable clip which attaches to the headphone cable and allows you to pin it to your clothes and two Active Lifestyle Ear Hooks, which helps secure the headphones around your ears.


The Thinksound ts01 headphones have a sleek slimline design. I received the silver cherry version and found them to be very attractive, with subtle branding on the back of the earbuds and on the cord. The red cherry colour was quite natural looking, not garish at all, and they felt sturdy to hold.


The Thinksound ts01 Sport headphones have two levels of comfort- which differs depending on whether you wear the included Ear Hooks. Without the ear hooks they feel very comfortable in the ear, resting nicely and providing you with great sound and a stylish look; with the ear hooks they become awkward, nestling strangely on the curve of the ear, and lose any design kudos immediately. The flexible earbuds are smooth and fit well in the ear canal, and the four size choices should work for most people.

Sound Quality

The headphones are housed in wood, which makes the audio very crisp and clean, with more resonance than with plastic headphones. They have reasonable sound isolating properties, as most external noise is blocked out on a day to day basis, but in a gym with pumping speakers they do let in some ambient sounds. They feature a 3.5mm gold plated jack to increase sound quality as well as a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response.


The Thinksound ts01 sports headphone deliver what they set out to, mid range sports headphones that stay in whilst you work out. They’re also lightweight and stylish, and mostly comfortable (earhook dependent).

The Good: Comfortable to wear and the design is stylish. The sound quality doesn’t jump when working out. Good for casual gym goers.
The Bad: The Active Lifestyle Ear Hooks keep the headphones in the ear but was uncomfortable after long periods of wear. The cotton pouch doesn’t feel like a very protective way of transporting the headphones.

Get them from Thinksound for $74.99.


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  1. I appreciate your review. I do want to explain that the Active Lifestyle ear hooks aren’t meant for long term use but for the short term while exercising, running etc. They are meant for that time when that extra security is needed to keep your headphones in and to prevent them from falling out. I usually wear them for an hour or hour and a half at a time and have no issues. If i was to be relaxing I would just remove the ear hooks and use them as the regular earphones. I hope this helps.

    Aaron Fournier
    President and CEO

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