50 Cent Brings Headphone Line Back from the Dead

Dr. Dre’s success with his Beats by Dr. Dre over the ear and in-ear headphone collection has not been lost on many in the music community. Earlier this year both Ludacris and 50 Cent announced plans to make their own headphone lines at CES 2011 – because hip hop stars wearing headphones is like the new Rolex watch. Well Ludacris was successful in launching his line but 50 Cent not so much. Instead his original deal with Sleek Audio was canceled and now he has decided to build a whole new company that will develop a line of audio accessories that won’t necessarily look to challenge the Monster and Beats by Dre collection, but offer a different audio listening experience. Since 50 Cent considers Dre to be a mentor, I don’t think he actually wants to step on his toes or he might need a doctor…

“As reported, the license arrangement between my company, G-Unit, and Sleek Audio to produce headphones branded as ‘Sleek by 50’ has been cancelled,” 50 explained. “Instead, I have established a new company that is developing a complete line of audio accessories, including wireless headphones, offering superior sound quality along with cutting edge technology for all music lovers to enjoy.”

That new company is SMS Audio, LLC ( which is a subsidiary company owned 50 Cent and a few others), basically cuts Sleek Audio out as the middle man.

“As an artist, I am committed to bringing top-of-the-line audio products to my fans,” Fiddy told XXL, “and I am excited that I have the resources to achieve just that with this new venture.”

We’ll just be excited to see it launch!


[Via XXL and Hip Hop DX]

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