Samsung Debuts World’s Largest 75″ Smart TV with 3D

So how much smarter can the Samsung Smart TV get? Well how about 75 inches more smart. That might even intimidate the likes of Stephen Hawking with that much intelligence in one big box. But will this 75″ telly be popping up in a Best Buy anytime soon? No, sadly. The 75” D9500 (Smart TV) is only debuting in Korea, at-least for now.

But what is most interesting about this latest gigantic Smart TV entry is that it will feature a 75” Active 3D screen. That means that it will be the biggest 3D capable TV in the world. But even though it can do snazzy 3D picture, it still won’t lose what makes the Smart TV, which means it can rock a full suite of Samsung Smart TV apps. And besides for the 75” of real estate, it will also have a 240Hz LED backlight screen, and feature a black diamond panel.

The TV also comes bundled with a QWERTY Smart TV Remote. The reality is though, that most people dont need, or cant afford a a 75 inch TV anyway. But if Samsung continues making these Smart TV/3D TV hybrids you may not need to choose a standalone 3D TV over a Smart TV anymore.

(Via Akihabara News)

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