Disguise Your iPhone Inside This Plush Android Case Phone Holder

I think the perfect case for any Android phone is probably a phone holder in the shape of an Android mascot.  Ganndroids is finally getting their Android plush dolls out to market and the first one that has grabbed my attention is this Google Android 6″ plush phone holder. We spotted this little guy back at Toy Fair and I’m so excited to see that it’s finally being released. Ganndroids are the folks behind the official authorized reproduction of the Android, so you know these will be very close in likeness to the real thing.

Just stick any touchscreen phone in this phone holder and it will work just fine through its protective cover.  It also can be clipped to your belt through a Velcro loop on the back or connected to a key chain. The possibilities with this Android phone holder are endless. Can you imagine an iPhone disguised as a Android doll? Blasphemy! The Google Android 6″ Plush phone holder is currently being sold through various distributors such as AAA Anime but I’m sure it will make its way to your local Comic book store soon enough or fav online store.

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