Woman Has Showdown with Mugger Over Android Phone

What would you do if a mugger tried to take your Android phone away from you? Most people would just be content with walking away unharmed. But that is how MOST people would react. The other night, our friend Robin Raskin of Mommy Tech was confronted by a man who tried to grab her phone away from her as she walked down the street.

“Look lady, I don’t want to hurt you.  You’re old enough to be my mother. Don’t make me hurt you.”

Instead of relinquishing the phone and running scared, Robin could not bring herself to give up the phone. Why you ask? Well the thought of having to set up all her apps and passwords all over again on a new device frightened her, even more so than the lingering threat of the dangerous mugger!

“Please don’t take my phone. It won’t be worth much to you, and it’ll drive me crazy trying to set it up again. Do you know how hard it is to get your apps running just right?”


Instead, Robin offered her would-be attacker money and food in exchange for having mercy and giving her, her phone back. Robin must have had lady luck on her side, because the man did indeed end up returning her phone to her.

We really recommend reading the whole account of what happened over at the MommyTech blog. That said, this story is very powerful. For one thing, Mrs. Raskin has balls of steel. It’s also really sad to think about what happens to a man to become so desperate. But finally, what we really can’t get over here is the fact that Robin’s biggest nightmare and GUT reaction in such a situation was that she couldn’t bare to have to set up all her apps and passwords again. And you know what, she had a point. Setting up and customizing an Android phone is a lengthy pain-in-the-a$$ process. On the other hand restoring an iPhone is as easy as connecting it to iTunes and restoring it to a previous backup, the same can be said with a BlackBerry, if your are on a corporate enterprise server. In the words of Newman from Seinfeld, “Oh the humanity!”


  1. I can speak from personal experience here. 

    1. Android Market will download all of your apps for you. Sign in, download begins. Just did it when I bought my new Thunderbolt. I did have to log in to apps that needed passwords but that was no big deal.
    2. Just got my wife’s iPhone 4 replaced because the dock connector went bad after two months. No big deal, skipped up to the genius bar and they replaced it on the spot. The new one was a refurb but it looked brand spanking new. Connected it up and iTunes restored from backup, an encrypted backup. I still had to add her passwords back in to all of her apps and set her home screens back up.

    Bottom line, it was no easier to do the iPhone than my Thunderbolt. On 4G it was slower, but by the time I got home from the VZW store everything was downloaded and installed. The setup of the Thunderbolt was quicker because I had certain backups, but all in all both were fairly painless.

    I know that it’s easy to regurgitate the crap that you read on the iPhone blogs as though it were fact, but anyone that has actually gone through changing an Android phone and an iPhone knows that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    I’ll forgive the woman for her fear of loss. Setting up all of your apps for the first time is a time consuming task, but watching my wife with her iPhone proves that her phone was no easier.

  2. Great comment Randy. The author of this piece obviously has never used an Android phone and has been drinking too much Apple Kool-Aide. Seriously, this is an embarrassingly ignorant post.

    I have restored my DROID X from factory reset and while it took a little bit of work, you make it sound like backup doesn’t exist. Not true at all.