Android Squishables Are Huggable and Loveable Without 4G

Why should the Angry Birds get all the attention when it comes to plush toys. Think Geek doesn’t have one but too Android squishable plush dolls for all you Android fanboys and fangirls to hug and snuggle with at night. Available in 7″ and 15″ inch sizes, the Android plush doll is perfect to lay around on while surfing on your Samsung Inspire. It also makes a great friend to chat with when you want to bad mouth Apple. The only thing I will say is that these dolls certainly aren’t cute…in fact these Android plushes look like they ate some of their little Android friends. Nonetheless any diehard Android fan will love to own one of these dolls and its a good way to start brainwashing your kids at a young age with an Android doll.

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