Belkin Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 Review

The Belkin Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 is a designed to be a thin, lightweight and professional looking case for the iPad 2, that doesn’t add much bulk to your thin beauty. The case indeed hugs the iPad 2 and provides a tight fit.The case is made with a soft inner lining that keeps the device clean and protected.  Yet at the same time it also provides ample protection from scratches and scuffs. There are many other cases out there for the iPad 2 that are pretty similar in function, but they are made out of leather. This material is a softer suede-like material and is a nice change of pace from from the now pretty standard iPad leather case.

The cover flap folds over to support the iPad 2 a stand for watching movies etc. The inside of the case also has multiple “grooves” to support multiple viewing angles, including low angles which are ideal for typing. This way, you can set up the viewing angle that is best for you. Again, this is a nice change of pace from competing cases which usually only support two angles for the iPad.

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We like the Belkin Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 because it’s sleek and professional looking, and lightweight, and because it provides you with multiple angles to work with the iPad 2.  Our biggest issue with the Belkin Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 however, is that some of the edges of the material where it was cut are a bit frayed and cut unevenly. The case is still handsome looking, but this spoils the sleek look a tad if you’re a perfectionist like me. Regardless, the Belkin Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 might just become our new case of choice for traveling with the iPad 2. The Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 will be available soon and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The case will retail for $39.99.

The Good: Lightweight and tight-fitting design, professional style, provides multiple angles, soft inner lining

The Bad: Material shows minor frays and uneven cuts on the edges

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