BlackBerry and iPad Photo Frames Only Require a Smile to Work

So do you know someone who is absolutely in love with their iPad or BlackBerry and themselves? Well then the best gift for them would probably be one of these iPad or BlackBerry photo frames. The iPad photo frame is designed to look like an iPad and features magnets, so that you can attach a photo to it. The BlackBerry photo frame is actually my favorite as it looks like a BlackBerry circa 2007. Again the image sticks to the frame by magnets. So when you are  at a loss on what to get a gadget nerd for a present, stick their pic onto one of these frames and call it a day.  The BlackBerry photo frame costs $12 and the iPad photo frame costs $14.

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  1. I was very disappointed with the IPad photo frame. It looked good and was well made but wasn’t at all the size of an IPad which is what I was expecting

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