BlackBerry App of the Week: Jingu Makes BBM a Little More Fun for Everyone

If you’re feeling a little bored by the amazing technology that allows you to communicate with other people instantly, regardless of location, that is BlackBerry Messenger, you can download Jingu a fun (and free) app that transforms BBM into a sort of visual chat room. The app allows you to create an avatar that you can tie to your BBM profile, and gives you a pretty impressive menu of emoticons you can use in your messages, ranging from the simple to the enormously complex (like a large beer mug made up of smaller beer mug icons). You can also join localized chat rooms, or international chat rooms that anyone can join. It’s a quick, free way to add a little personality to your BBM profile. Check it out!


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  1. A lot of mistakes in this app. There’s no personal information, every time u have to put ur pic when u wanna post something. No private msgs, i mean i know that we have bbm,but how i have to say somebody my pin, but i want to see it every ppl in chat. And last, now i can only see what ppl talk about. my msgs were posting only one day,now it’s doesn’t work. 

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