Booqpad Agenda Case for iPad 2 Review

Alas! An iPad 2 Portfolio Case that does more than just store your iPad. The Booqpad Agenda Case for iPad 2 keeps your iPad 2, notepad, pen, and cards in one place, making it the ultimate productivity case. It even works in right-handed and left-handed orientations.

The Booqpad Agenda Case by Booq was made from 100% recycled (PET) material and includes a 50-sheet A5 notepad made from at least 30% post-consumer materials printed with soy ink. The outside of the case is durable and cushioned, the interior of the case is an alternate color of the same material. It’s up to you how you want to use your Booqpad, you can have iPad on the left and notepad on the right or vice versa. The case accommodates iPad in either direction and all ports and buttons are accessible aside from the back camera. There’s a flap that is slipped behind iPad to keep it from coming out of its frame. This flap keeps iPad inside of it’s frame, but it leaves room for iPad to slide out of place.

There’s a clasp with a snap that locks the portfolio shut. This clasp can be used to prop iPad at a good typing angle if you fold the portfolio all the way back and snap it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work for standing iPad at a good movie-watching angle. There’s a slot in the inner center of the portfolio to store your pen. On the notepad side of the case are 5 slots, two of the slots are for credit cards and business cards, the other three slots are for attaching a notepad or storing notes.

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iPad can do almost everything, but it’s still no replacement for the almighty pen and paper. The Booqpad is great for quick sketches and jotting down notes, and transcribing them later on iPad. As an actual case, the Booqpad is durable and protective, leaving iPad in good hands. From a usability standpoint, the case can be a bit awkward. If you open the case from the pad side, the pad will obey gravity and will flap around. Opening the case from the iPad side feels a bit unnatural considering there’s much more weight on this side. Since the case offers extra padding, and includes a notebook, it’s thicker than most portfolio cases. Measuring about one inch thick, it’s still very manageable. The case is not light, but it’s not too heavy, weighing less than two iPads.

The Booqpad Agenda Case is available in a few different materials and colored schemes. There are two 100% recycled cases, one being Sand Exterior/Plum Interior which we reviewed, and the other is Gray Exterior/Green Interior. There are two leatherette (faux leather) cases Black-Grey or White-Berry. These all cost $49.95. Lastly for $99.95 you can purchase the Booqpad with a genuine nappa leather exterior, coffee-colored on the outside and cream colored on the inside. There is a 50-sheet blank notepad included with the Booqpad. It shouldn’t be a problem to find other pads that will fit, otherwise Booq offers a variety of notepads for purchase–3 for $9.95.

The Good: Durable, Green (Recycled Materials), Notebook, Slots for Notes, Cards, and Pen, Good Grip, Works for Righties and Lefties.

The Bad: Awkward to Open, iPad Has Wiggle Room, Rear Camera is Unusable, Bulkier than Average, Can’t stand iPad at Upright Angle

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  1. Hey Scott,

    This is Brad Hobbs of the Max Borges Agency, PR rep for booq bags. Thanks for the review, glad to see you put the booqpad through its paces. Thought I’d let you know, booq had heard your request for less iPad “wiggle room”. The updated versions shipping in June have been slightly redesigned with less wiggle room and a more secure placement for the iPad while in case. Thanks again for teh review!! 

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