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6 Reasons Why Born This Way is the Most Digitally Pimped Album Ever!

Blame it on piracy or what not, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to come up with unique ways for artists to promote and sell their music. That is unless you’re Lady Gaga.

To promote her new Born This Way album which was just released this past Monday, Gaga collaborated with all sort of companies to come up with inventive ways to get people to buy – or at least listen to her new album. And it certainly seems to be working. The album reportedly sold over 100,000 copies on its first day – and that was in the U.K.!

But Gaga’s digital promoting all started back on May 2nd, when she first dropped the Born This Way song list on Twitter. The woman has over 10 million Twitter followers, so yes, people were listening.

Here are six other unique and nontraditional methods that Mother Monster has used to promote her new album Born This Way, most of which are related to the digital realm.

1. Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Farmville to create a special Gagaville got plenty of attention last week. Farmville ran a special promotion where a $25 game card offered you access to exclusive tracks – before the actual album release. The game card also included a free download of the album, as well as access to playing in Gagaville.

2. On Monday, Amazon Cloud Player was offering Born This Way for just $0.99! Of course, this was done as part of Amazon’s effort to get people to try out Amazon Cloud Player altogether.

3. If you head over to a Starbucks and connect to their WiFi network, you’ll be greeted with an option to download the “Edge of Glory” track for free on the Starbucks WiFi home page.

4. Speaking of Edge of Glory, the song was used as soundtrack for a commercial promoting Google Chrome that aired during SNL this past Saturday, while Gaga was on the show promoting her new album.

5. This promotion may or may not be officially sanctioned by Gaga herself, but Best Buy has a promotion going where you can get the Born This Way album for free with a smartphone purchase.

6. Finally, British fans got to listen to Born This Way 5 days earlier than everyone else, when Gaga had the entire album stream on Metro.co.uk last week.

Yet, if somehow you missed getting Born This Way from any of the aforementioned methods, you can download Born This Way for just $6.99 on Amazon. That is nearly half the price of  how much it costs to download it on iTunes right now, where it costs $11.99. – Really, Apple!?

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