Bulldozer Lounge is a Cross Between a Tonka Truck and a Transformer

The Bulldozer Lounge chair looks suitable for a transformer to lounge on. It also looks like it could actually transform into something that could fight evil. The Bulldozer Lounge is actually a collaboration between Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc, which debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture fair this weekend. The two have been collaborating since 1997 and launched the design group to22 which produced innovative works for that time. In 2007 they began a new company called “Mark and Efe” and the Bulldozer lounge is the first production piece under their new company name.

The Bulldozer Lounge looks more like an  installation piece rather than a functional chair, but alas it is a chair and one a mighty Thor would own.  The exterior of the chair is made of an aluminum frame with an interior consisting of padding and neoprene material – most commonly found in notebook sleeves. However, for $12,000, you would think they would use a more durable material for such a throne. If you happen to be in the New York City area, it’s definitely worth checking out in person since ICFF will be open until Tuesday.

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