CleanTouch Pen for iPad and iPhone is Mightier than the Cleaning Cloth

If there is one thing that all smartphones and tablets have in common, it is that they get covered with fingerprints very quickly. The latest cleaning solution from Monster is not another spray and wipe product but actually a pen. The CleanTouch Pen for Portable Electronics Screens will wipe away the dirt and grime that your grubby little fingers leave behind after having a sandwich. When your screen gets too dirty for you not to see anything, just whip out your little magic pen to clean and then use the included cloth to buff dry. Another cool factor here is that the CleanTouch Pen’s cleaning cloth is built into the pen. This prevents you from losing it in the future and makes it more appealing to travel with.  The CleanTouch Pen also supposedly leaves behind a scratch-resistant coating after application. Which may be true, but I still wouldn’t take a key to your screen. Having used the original CleanTouch spray and cloth, it is certainly a solid product and letting the solution dry for a minute after applying certainly helps protect your screen from getting new fingerprints sooner.  The CleanTouch Pen with Built-in Cloth retails for $24.95.

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