Add the Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket to Your Wardrobe

For those of you who are Doctor Who fans, you’re in no doubt rejoicing in the fact that sixth season has finally started up again. Fortunately for us in the U.S., this is the first year that episodes air the same day in both the U.S. and Britain. Previously, Americans had to wait weeks to get their Doctor Who fix. But we digress…

Anyway, what better way to celebrate one of Sci-Fi’s favorite geeks than by wearing his jacket! The Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket is a replica blazer from the show. We’re talking about essentially the same jacket made out of a plaid-pattern wool fabric, functional inside and outside pockets, back kick pleat, and 100% leather elbow patches. The Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor’s Jacket retails for $309.99 and is available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

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