eTab Would Be Gordon Ramsay’s Tablet of Choice

There is a new tablet in town, and it’s not what you would expect at all. The eTab is a 7″ tablet that has been specifically designed to be used in the restaurant and food industries. The device is a table-top device with a 7″ touchscreen that allows the patron to order food and beverages without a server. It even lets them personalize their order by specifying preferences.

So with eTab, you’ll never again have to remind the waiter “NO PARSLEY!”.

The device sports a dedicated menu button, an order button which displays the menu items that have been selected but not yet submitted to the kitchen’s bar, a server button which pages the server, and a bill button which shows the bill total. Patrons can even pay with their credit card by swiping directly on the eTab’s credit card terminal.

But don’t get confused – the eTab really isn’t there to replace a server, but to make his job more efficient. In conjunction with the eTab tabletop device, each server will carry a handheld device that will let them know how much time has passed since patrons made an order, or has paged them for help, etc.

The eTab system can also be used as a great way to train serving and kitchen staff, and to determine how to make the whole restaurant service run more efficiently. So it’s just a matter of time before Gordon Ramsay whips the eTab system out on Kitchen Nightmares.

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  1.  How will the device stand up to continued assaults from gravy and chicken wing sauce, which will inevitably be smeared all over the touchscreen?  

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