Stay Cool and Dry with the Fanbrella at the Beach this Summer

Summer is just around the corner and this umbrella could be the perfect addition to your beach arsenal. The Fanbrella looks like an average umbrella (and an invention you might find on an episode of Shark Tank)  but it actually has a built-in motorized fan! With a press of a button the fan will spin blowing air on you as it rotates at a rate of 650 rpm. The exterior of the umbrella is also UV reflecting so you won’t get any dangerous rays on you either.  Everything collapses once you close it for the day and the umbreall can be used in normal rainy weather as well – not just the dog days of summer. Shy while everyone else is sweating or making a run for the air conditioner – you can sit with your cosmo and enjoy the ways while feeling cool. The Fanbrella retails for $79.95 at Hammacher.