Speck FitFolio Cover for iPad 2 – Case Review

Amongst the slew of new iPad 2 Cases that Speck has come out with, the FitFolio Cover immediately caught our attention. For starters it’s available in a bright red color, aside from the usual black and grey. This case also manages to stay pretty slim while still providing plenty of protection for the front, back and and all four sides of the iPad 2. The outside cover is made of a rigid faux leather-like material, while the inside is lined with a soft-touch matte finish that will help keep the iPad’s display clean. The back of the cover is also made from a sturdy polycarbonate piece which Speck calls a custom-fit cradle.

Your iPad will need to be snapped into the custom-fit cradle, and that takes a bit of energy to do. But once it’s inside, it’s a very secure fit. And instead of the usual snap, a two-way bungee cord is used to keep the case securely closed. The case is also able to fold into a viewing stand by having the iPad rest on the cover. It can also lay at a lower angle to work as a typing stand. Taking the iPad 2 out of the FitFolio Cover can be a bit tricky, though, you’ll have to start by grabbing the iPad out at its corners.
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Overall, the Speck FitFolio Cover for iPad 2 provides ample protection for your iPad 2 while managing to stay slim and look good too. The case is also well made and seems like it is pretty hardy. Our biggest issue with the FitFolio however is that it weighs 8.75 ounces in total, so while it may be slim, it’s hardly lightweight. Regardless, we still recommend FitFolio as an attractive case option for the iPad 2, especially if you go with the red color which pops. The Speck FitFolio Cover for iPad 2 retails for $39.95, although the red one is going for as low as $29.95 on Amazon.

The Good: Offers robust protection, slim and attractive design, love the red color choice, doubles as a viewing or typing stand
The Bad: Weight of the cover adds significant heft to the iPad, removing the iPad from the case is a bit difficult


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