Happy Geek Pride Day! Everyone Wants to be a Geek

Do you know what today is? It’s Geek Pride Day! For those who aren’t geeks, today was declared Geek Pride Day to commemorate the release of the first Star Wars film on May 25th, 1977. But this day wasn’t officially acknowledged until 2008/2009 when it started to grow mass appeal and grabbed the attention of bloggers locally in NY , others around the world, and then eventually the main stream media.

In honor of  this festive day, Modis (a tech staffing firm) did a survey on what it means to be geek.  The survey found that most Americans (65%) think everyone is a geek about something.   The survey also found that twice as many people would prefer to be called a geek (41%) rather than a jock (22%).

The survey also found some interesting differences between age and gender on how people view geeks:


•       Women Have More Positive Opinions on Geeks: Women are more likely than men to consider a Geek as someone who is reliable for technology advice, (62% vs. 51%) intelligent (53% vs. 37%) and has better odds of being professionally successful (36% vs. 26%).

•       Women More Accepting of Geeks: Three out of five women (62%) consider being called a Geek a compliment compared to 51% of men.

•       Younger and Wealthier Americans More Accepting of Geeks: Those from the ages of  18-34 are more likely than Baby Boomers (aged 65+) to consider being labeled a geek a compliment, 54% compared to 21%, respectively.  Additionally Americans making less than $35,000 per year are less likely to consider being called a geek a compliment.

•      Who Are You Calling a Nerd? The survey showed Americans are much more wary of being called a “nerd” than a “geek” – even geeks agree! A majority (87 percent) of self-identified geeks were more comfortable being labeled a geek than a nerd (61 percent).

Curious of the evolution of the Geek, to this new found fame of being cool?  I think the inforgraphic done by Flowtown really sums it up perfectly. Which Geek are you?

Happy Geek Pride Day Everyone!

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