GoFlex Satellite is a Wireless Storage Drive for iPad & iPhone

Seagate has announced the GoFlex Satellite, which is essentially a portable hard drive that can wirelessly transfer files to and from iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Have you ever run out of room on your iPad or iPhone? Even if you have a 64GB iPad, between all your movies, music and apps, 64GB of storage can fill up pretty fast. That is where the GoFlex Satellite comes in. The device is a WiFi enabled 500GB portable hard drive that is able to transfer files onto your iPad or iPhone – sans cables. The device is able to communicate with your iOS device over Wi-Fi. Your iPad and iPhone can access files on the GoFlex Satellite via the GoFlex Media App, or by accessing the GoFlex Satellite via a browser on the device. From there you can browse through media, and even download files directly onto the device.

So lets say you have an HD movie file stored on the GoFlex Satellite – you can stream that file over Wireless N to your iPad or iPhone and watch the video as it streams. The file will stream over Wireless N without without choppiness or pixelation. Alternatively, you could download the file onto your iOS device and save it to watch later when you might be able to be connected to WiFi, like on plane flights. All in all, if you combine the GoFlex Satellite with an iPad, you could potentially have the ultimate entertainment solution and library while you’re out on the road.

The GoFlex Satellite comes with Media Sync software, which designed for both Mac and PC, it makes syncing files with the device more efficient. It also comes with a car charger so that you can charge the GoFlex Satellite while you’re out on the road. The GoFlex Satellite will retail for $199. We’ll have a complete review of the device up soon.

Update: Check out our full review of the GoFlex Satellite

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