iPad App of the Week: Get Funky with Korg, the Gorillaz, and your iPad

Synthesizer maker Korg has unveiled a new, funkier, fresher version of their iElectribe App, featuring the Gorillaz. The virtual band is lending some of their sound effects from their new album to iElectribe Gorillaz Edition, a new virtual analog beatbox app for the iPad, available now for $9.99, though the price is slated to go up to $19.99 after 20,000 downloads. The app has 128 sounds straight from “The Fall,” the fourth album from the Gorillaz, along with 64 preset sounds designed in collaboration by Korg, Stephen Sedgwick, and the Gorillaz. Past that, it works just like the original iElectribe app, or any good old fashioned analog synthesizer, for that matter. You can mix and sequence audio, and mess with tempo and patterns, to create your own sweet dance tracks, and export them once you’re done. Looks like this might be the Feel Good (Inc.) app of the year.

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