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HP Intros DataPass Prepaid 3G Mobile Broadband for Their Laptops


HP has introduced their new DataPass prepaid mobile broadband service inside select laptop models that come with built-in 3G. That means that instead of having to go ahead and buy a separate prepaid 3G mobile broadband service like what is available from Virgin Mobile or T-Mobile’s prepaid mobile broadband offerings, customers who have 3G in their HP laptop can activate HP DataPass at anytime. There are no contracts or activations costs involved. The DataPass network is currently piggybacking off of Sprint’s nationwide 3G network. Pricing for HP DataPass is as follows –

$5 / 75MB / 5 Hours
$10 / 150MB / 3 days
$20 /450MB / 14 days
$30 /1000MB / 30 days

Although there is no 5GB or unlimited Data option listed, DataPass is definitely a smart move on HP’s part since it makes it so convenient for their laptop  customers to access 3G data when they need to. It also might entice more people to order systems with built-in 3G since no contract is required.