iPhone 4 Safe Case has a “Don’t Lose Me” Sensor

If you’re someone who tends to misplace your phone a lot, then not only will this iPhone 4 case help you locate it, it will also keep your iPhone 4 stylish an protected. The Glossy iPhone 4 Safe Case with Remote Control consists of two pieces – a case for your iPhone 4, and a matching jeweled remote control. When you need to locate your phone, just switch the remote control to search mode and when you’re near your phone, the remote will buzz. Alternatively, you can flip the remote to alarm mode and the remote will sound an alarm if you walk off without taking your iPhone with you.

So here is yet another expensive iPhone 4 case covered in Swarovski-like crystals, and that certainly is nothing new. But this bejeweled case does have a neat trick up its sleeve, making its high price tag more justifiable. The Glossy iPhone 4 Safe Case with Remote Control retails for $98. But we have to ask, what happens if you lose the remote control?

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