iPhone 4 iShoe and Flip-Flop Cases Don’t Require Feet

You may not be ready for the beach yet, but your iPhone 4 is. WOWCases have just debuted the Flip-Flop iPhone 4 series of silicone cases. The backside actually is designed like a flip-flop shoe, which I’m sure could fit on a small child’s foot – if you dared to try. Anyway, if your iPhone gets some sand on it while playing beach volleyball, you could always rinse it off , as the entire case is made of a washable material.

But if flip-flops aren’t your thing, there is always the iShoe. This case won’t let sand get in between the iPhone 4’s apps, but it looks like it’s ready for a jog more than for laying out on the beach. The case actually has real laces! Both cases retail for about $12.99 each.

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