iPhone 4 Microscope Lens Let’s You See Bed Bugs at 100x Magnification

Not sure if you have bed bugs? Well this latest gadget for your iPhone 4 might help you out. The Microscope Lens for iPhone 4 is something we all could use at one time or another. It slips on to your iPhone 4 as a case and with its attached mini microscope, it transforms your camera into microscope capable of 100x magnification!  There is a built in LED light to help you view objects even better and a telescopic zoom and focus. The iPhone 4 camera will still work and if you see something fascinating, you can snap a pic of it, as if it were a slide you were looking at.

Just snap the case on to your device and screw on the microscope. You have just single-handedly turned your iPhone into a portable lab.  The Microscope Lens for iPhone 4 is available at thumbsUp!

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