Katy Perry Nerds Out on “Last Friday Night Remixes” Disc

Katy Perry certainly likes to play dress-up. She has already been the pinup girl, the Alien, a peacock (onstage), and now a nerd? Albeit a nerd circa 1980/1990. Perry, the cover girl for the current issue of Vanity Fair, has decided to go from sexy to nerdy on her latest  disc of remixes for the Teenage Dream single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).”

If the pic looks familiar, it’s because she dressed up as a geek at last year’s Teen Choice awards. The cover harks back to a time of what a stereotypical “nerd” looked like.  The big black rimmed glasses with tape in the middle, the braces and retainer, turtlenecks…just plain horrendous looking. Vintage Girl geek at its best is embraced here. Of course the album cover is tongue in cheek and nerds are considered cool now to a degree.  I mean Glee is basically a new generation of nerds and misfits trying to fit in through music. No matter,  even looking like this, I think miss Perry would still get asked to the prom.

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