Kindle Living’s Allison Looks Like a Lamp but Acts like a Heater

When I first came across the Kindle Living company, I  thought it was a site dedicated to all things about the Kindle… I was wrong. Instead, Kindle Living is a company that makes unique looking heating lamps for our backyards and patios. I’m sure you have seen a few of those fiery heating lamps at some posh outdoor restaurants. I know that I have certainly seen them around L.A. and Las Vegas, and they always manage to scare me at times with their flames swirling about inside a metal mesh frame. Fortunately, Kindle Living offers not one – but five different styles of heating lamps. The one that stick out for us especially from their selection, is the Allison which has a classic Victorian design with modern sophistication. You can also add LED glow lights to the lamp so that it can cycle through different colors or stay static on one. The top portion of the Allison is designed like a lamp shade and it directs the heat down to those who need warmth below, while also keeping those scary looking flames concealed from view. These could be the perfect addition to any backyard party and are certainly a conversation starter. That said, I’m sure that the Allison will be popping up in some fancy schmancy outdoor seasonal store soon enough.


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  1. What a great review of the Kindle Living Allison heater! Thank you for helping to shed light on our movement to bring a little more sophistication to the world.

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