Kodak ESP Office 2170 Printer Review

When you buy a printer there are certain features consumers look for prior to their printer purchase. For starters – price? Does it print quality images? How fast does it print? And how much will the ink cost me? Well the latest All-in-one printer from Kodak aims to answer all those important questions and then some. The Kodak ESP 2170 All-in-Printer is affordable, fast, and it even throws in the ability to produce 3D prints for good measure.

What’s in the Box

* Kodak ESP Office 2170
* Kodak Black Ink Cartridge 30 Series
* Kodak Color Ink Cartridge 30 Series
* AC Adapter
* Telephone Cable
* Manuals and Software


The exterior of the Kodak ESP Office 2170 is typical of what budget printers look like these days. There is an exterior control panel that houses all the functions of the printer for scanning, printing, faxing, and copying. There is also a 1.5″ LCD display that lets you preview images and edit accordingly before printing or scanning. Lastly there is support for an assortment of memory cards to upload images to your printer for on the fly printing. The top of the printer contains the platen, where the copying and scanning of an image would take place. There is also a paper feeder and the back of the machine is were you load your paper for printing. The system actually features a 25-page automatic document feeder and a very generous 150 sheet paper tray. The overall quality of the machine is certainly hardy for the price and doesn’t feel one bit chintzy.


The Kodak ESP Office was super simple to setup. I didn’t even bother to install it via USB, but instead over WiFi. I located my wireless network on the printer, entered my password and I was connected. All I needed to do to complete the setup was install the included software. I installed the Kodak ESP 2170 on both a MacBook and a PC. However, if you are a Mac owner, the downside of a such an installation is that yes, it is easy to perform… but you will not be able to use any of the proprietary Kodak software that comes bundled with the printer. The basics like printing, scanning, and copying can be operated but the more robust features of the included Kodak All-in-One Home Center is reserved for those with PCs. Other key features like Perfect Page, 3D printing, print from video and image editing features are not available for use on a Mac.  Which I find astounding, given how much market share Apple has claimed over the last few years, you would think that software for printers would catch up.


The Kodak ESP Office 2170 is a quality printer that will work well at home or in a small business environment. Although, certainly not the main attraction if this printer, but an impressive feature is the ability to print out and view 3D pictures  with paper glasses.  However the real icing on the cake with the Kodak ESP Office 2170 is that it will save you tons of money on ink expenses.

Whereas many other printers we have tested seem to run out of ink at the speed of light and cost an arm and leg to replace, the Kodak 2170 ink happens to be the cheapest you can get with the highest yield. Now we certainly didn’t get to run the cartridges dry, but we made sure to print several intense color soaked images as well as black and white print-outs, in order to really use up that ink or attempt to anyway. Over 100 pages in, the cartridges were still kicking and sharp. Printing seems were also on par with many other printers in this price range. Black and white printed docs printed extremely fast, while color prints took just a tiny bit longer, certainly not a deal breaker.

Kodak cartridges, depending on the yield will cost you anywhere between $17.99 (275) yield $33.98 (550 yield) for color ink. Black will cost you about $9.99 (335 yield) and $19.98 (670 yield) respectively. That is extremely competitive pricing and certainly a higher than average yield even on the cheaper versions of the cartridges.

The 3D printing feature is also a nice touch but since that feature is only available to those with a PC, for Mac owners that feature is a waste. Thankfully the printer still shines regardless. For those with PCs, you should always print out photos that are set up with an ample amount depth perception in order to really appreciate the 3D experience. The 3D paper glasses that are included are on the cheap side and tend to remind me of the free ones you used to get in the movie theaters way back when.

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The Kodak ESP Office 2170 is a well rounded printer that can also scan, copy and send faxes. It may also just seem like another typical budget all-in-one printer but it truly is a budget printer for the long haul, and it prints some nifty 3D images to boot! That said, it may not be the speediest printer in its the price range but you’ll get a lot of prints out of your cartridges before having to run to Staples to replace them. The paper 3D glasses that Kodak offers are a bit on the cheap side, but I give Kodak props for being innovative and including 3D printing altogether in a budget printer. The Kodak Pic Flick App for iPhone or BlackBerry is also available for download, and it will let you print photos off of your iPhone wirelessly onto the 2170.  That means  that all your glorious pics from your own version of ‘Hangover’ can be printed for all to see. The Kodak ESP Office 2170 retails for $149.99, although it can be found for as low as $131 on Amazon.

The Good: Easy setup. Good value for your money when it comes to ink cartridges. 3D printing feature. Wireless printing. iPhone and BlackBerry Apps available for printing directly from mobile devices.

The Bad: 3D software printing is disabled for Macs. Cheap paper 3D glasses.


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  1. Kodak ESP Office 2170 Printer is an amazing printer at affordable price and fast printing speed. It’s best feature is that it can use for 3D printing also. You can print directly from your iPhone or blackberry. So no need of computer.

  2. I love this Kodak ESP Office 2170 Printer. Wireless functionality is an important function, you can print documents from the another room from your laptop. I also like the design of two trays, where I can be put  legal documents in one tray, and normal size documents in another.

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