Lady Gaga Sets Up Gagaville on Farmville

Lady Gaga has partnered with Zynga games, the creator of the hit online game Farmville, to develop a special Gagaville section. Gagaville will be chock full of Lady Gaga themes like unicorns, crystals, motorcycles, and sheep. Users who decide to pay to play in Gagaville/Farmville, will have to purchase a $25 Zynga Game Card. But here is the clincher – the game card will offer them a free download of Gaga’s upcoming Born This Way, along with exclusive bonus tracks when it is released on May 23rd. Zynga is also throwing in a free Farmville unicorn. Plus, from May 17 through 19, each day players will be able to unlock and stream a new unreleased track. Then between May 20th and May 23rd, they will be able to unlock and stream some of the songs from the album, along with some bonus remixes.

Farmville is further promoting Gaga’s upcoming album through special contests for Gaga fans. Seven people who purchase the Zynga game cards will be entered to win a day “On the Set With Gaga” when she films her next music video. Plus, those who spread the special “Gaga word of the day”, will also be entered to win tickets to her next tour, along with a signed copy of Born This Way.

Music artists have been coming up with more and more unique ways to sell their music, but this latest method for album promotion is totally a first. That said, Lady Gaga is no stranger to coming up with some original ways to sell her music. For example, back in 2009, she bundled her album with a pair of her Lady Gaga Heartbeats headphones. Regardless, this latest scheme with Farmville is especially brilliant, especially for Zynga games since it will introduce a whole new audience of people to Farmville who might otherwise would never try out the game.



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