Google Chrome Commercial with Lady Gaga Airs During SNL


Tonight Lady Gaga was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Of course, the pop princess was there to promote her new album Born This Way, which will be released this Monday. She even performed three songs off of the album, including Judas and part of Edge of Glory and lastly Born this Way. But if you’re like us and watched the show live, then you should have caught the Google Chrome commercial which aired during the show, and is all about Lady Gaga and her fans.

The commercial’s soundtrack is set to Edge of Glory and features glimpses of Lady Gaga using her computer to interact with her fans on Twitter and YouTube. It showcased different Gaga fans, AKA Little Monsters singing Edge of Glory in various YouTube videos. It also looks like it featured parts of what might be the Edge of Glory video, but that remains to be seen. The commercial is quite brilliant and pretty much a win-win for both Gaga and Google, since it helps Gaga promote her upcoming Edge of Glory single as well as Google Chrome to all of Gaga’s fans. Of course, Gaga’s strong ties with Google are no secret. Just recently she visited Google headquarters. That said, we did notice that in the commercial her computer of choice is a MacBook Pro and she was using a BlackBerry.

You can check out the full length version of the commercial below.

And speaking of Google Chrome, the Xi3 corporation just announced the first desktop computer running the Chrome operating system, called the the ChromiumPC Modular Computer which is slated to be released on July 4th.