Android App of the Week: Put Your Phone on Lockdown with Lookout Mobile Security

Being that smartphones are connected to the Internet, they are subject to all the bad things that come from the dark place that the Internet often is. Lookout Mobile Security’s free Android app helps combat malware, spyware and fishing apps, and performs routine scans as often as you want it to. If your phone does happen to have a virus, this app will prevent it from spreading to your computer during a sync, which is a pretty handy way to minimize the damage done to your digital life. It also has a GPS based phone locator in case your phone gets lost or stolen, and can back up and restore data. There is a premium version available, including an extra security access code for your phone, remote wipe capabilities, and an additional privacy layer that lets you determine which apps can have access to certain fields of data on your phone. You can get a free trial for the premium version first, or you can just enjoy the benefits of the free version. Seems like Norton for your phone, but hopefully a little less overbearing.

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