Mivizu Sense iPad 2 Case Review

Mivizu has recently launched their line of iPad 2 Portfolio Cases, the Mivizu Sense. The leather portfolio case is a great every-day iPad case as it offers great protection, a multi-angle stand, a very comfortable grip, and an attractive business casual appearance in five different colors.
Good portfolio cases are still scarce for iPad 2. The Mivizu is particularly special because it uses a magnetic front flap that locks and unlocks iPad when opened and closed. This magnetic front flap is also similar to Apple’s Smart Cover in that it folds to prop iPad upright or at a good reading angle. The mounting is sturdy, and you can play with the cover to prop iPad up in other angles too.

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Mivuzu’s Sense case is made out of a durable genuine grain leather and is lined with microfiber. There is extra padding in the back of the case that gives the case a really nice cushioned feel. It also gives you a good sense of security. There are nicely sized cutouts for all ports and buttons, and there are speaker holes for the speaker. iPad 2 locks safely into the portfolio with a piece of velcro that tucks under iPad and remains hidden. The edges are all reinforced so if it falls corner first, the case will take most, if not all, of the impact.

There is one factor that keeps the Mivuzu case from being near-perfect. Yes, there are thinner portfolio cases, but that’s not it. The main issue is that the “smart” lock/unlock on open/close is flaky and does not always work. Even worse, sometimes the screen will lock just from folding the cover to the back of iPad.

Aside from the “smart” lock/unlock feature being flaky, the Mivuzu case is a great accessory for iPad 2. It competes with Speck’s PixelSkin HD Wrap as my favorite iPad case. This is because the Mivuzu Sense is a durable every-day case that acts as a stand, maintains a sleek form, feels good, looks good, and offers all-around protection. I can deal with the lock/unlock flakiness, although for $59.95, you may decide it’s best to wait for Mivuzu to address this issue. Luckily, you can find the Mivizu case on Amazon for $39.99, which is a very fair price. It is available in Grey (pictured), Black, Blue, Green, and Pink leather.

The Good: Comfortable, Durable, Protective, Not Bulky, Has a Magnetic Cover, Secures iPad in place with Velcro, Good Cutouts
The Bad: Pricey, Magnetic Smart Lock/Unlock is flaky

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