Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers Get Turned into a Pair of Speakers

If you ever want something completely outrageous done with a pair of sneakers then you are going to have to turn to Alex Nash. Intercity  recently commissioned the sneaker modder to turn something from the everyday and make it unique that would inspire ingenuity. What began with a pair of average Nike Air Force 1 sneakers became much more.

Below are a few step of what went into converting a pair of sneakers into a pair of speakers:

1. Dismantle the amp and speakers

2. Meticulously take apart the control panel, switches, nodules and input sockets (checking at each stage to make sure things still worked – and solving any problems)

3. Mark on the sneakers where I was going to cut out the holes for the speaker cones, and then very carefully cut out using a scalpel

4. Gut the inside of the sole unit to fit the amp and mark the outside of the midsole to fit all the volume controls and LED (again making sure all was still working)

5. Mark and cut out the holes for the on/off switch and the audio input/output sockets

6. Design the wooden stands, cut them out, sand, clean, varnish and assemble them

7. Attach the sneakers and run the power cables through the stands

8. Fit the speakers and rig all the wires with a soldering iron and heat seal shrink rubber tubing (of which there were about 30 soldered joints)

9. Make bespoke phono cables, as standard cables are just black

10. Add a small plaque, depicting what does what on the sneaker control panel

Who knew sneakers could also make killer speakers. If only Michael Jordan knew.

Via [ Art & Sole]