Olympus LS-20M Pocket Camcorder Takes a Stab at the Dead Flip


Hot on the heels of the death of the Flip, Olympus has announced their new LS-20M hand-held HD video and Linear PCM recorder. Olympus’s strength has traditionally been with audio recording devices, so this pocket camcorder should offer a much better audio recording experience than the typical pocket camcorders out there on the market today. When it comes to video, the device sports a 2″ LCD, and below the LCD there is a 1.46″ LCD data screen for showing time, audio levels and battery life. The camera also features an auto-focus lens and 4x digital zoom, it can record video in up-to 1080p, and it can even record in low light. To top it all off, the camcorder also packs in four Magic Movie settings:

•    Rock–create your own rock video! Step on stage with the classic Rock Magic Movie setting, featuring saturated black images and bright, bold background colors;
•    Sketch – the Sketch Magic Movie setting turns your video into a living and breathing pencil drawing, reminiscent of some popular 80’s videos. Sketch adds an artistic feel and poetic flavor to your recordings;
•    Pinhole –the Pinhole Magic Movie setting allows users to record video with soft, darkened outside edges – enhancing the subject in the center of the video. Pinhole is great for setting a mood to tie in with the melody or focus of your recorded sound;
•    Pop — The Pop Magic Movie setting super-saturates colors to create a brighter, more vivid video recording. Turn your world into a work of pop art!

As for audio, the LS-20M can manage to record at 24 bit/96 HHz Linear PCM stereo sound, which is better than CD quality. The device also features a neat voice-activation feature that automatically starts a recording when a certain level of sound is reached.

The Olympus LS-20M is housed in a durable black and silver body that weighs just 5.4 ounces. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with built in memory, but instead it comes bundled with just a 2gb memory card. The Olympus LS-20M will be available in June for $299.