Samsung INFUSE 4G Hands-on Photos and First Impressions

AT&T has just announced that they will be carrying the Samsung INFUSE 4G which was first announced back at CES 2011. With a 4.5″ display, the Samsung INFUSE 4G has the largest display of any smartphone in the world to date. The display is actually a Super AMOLED Plus display and is super colorful and sharp to behold in person, not too mention crazy large. This phone is so big that it dwarfs the iPhone 4 by comparison. Fortunately it’s also very thin – 8.9mm to be exact. Which also makes it the world’s thinnest smartphone. Samsung jokingly described it as a Super model phone, and that sounds about right for this tall, but super pretty and thin device.

Under the hood, the Infuse 4G is powered by a 1.2ghz processor and it has 16GB of built-in internal memory. The device sports an 8MP camera with 720p recording, along with a 1.3MP front-facing camera. It’s also running Android 2.2.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay. Angry Birds fans should be intrigued too by the device since it comes with a special version of Angry Birds. This version of Angry Birds comes with a special level which unlocks a Golden Egg that can be used to win prizes from Samsung online.

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The INFUSE also has support for HSPA+, or more specifically HSPA+ and HSUPA enabled, which means it has the highest threshold possible available for AT&T’s current 4G network. The Samsung INFUSE 4G will be available on May 15th, exclusively from AT&T Wireless, and will retail for $199 with contract. Samsung says that they and AT&T will be aggressively marketing this device. So expect to see it on TV and ads everywhere. We’ll have a full review of the phone up soon.

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