Swingline Stack-and-Shred Review

The Stack-and-Shred from Swingline might just be the Thor of shredders. Swingline has always produced high quality office essentials like trimmers, sharpeners, punches, and of course staplers. The company’s foray into shredders has been pretty average until this latest installment.

The Stack-and-Shred is a unique shredder that not only slices and dices your confidential documents into tiny bits of paper, but it does so with little help from you. Upon looking at the Stack-and-Shred it looks like a printer rather than a shredder, and that could be because it has an area where you load your paper (up to 100 sheets), and then you can just walk away and let the machine do all the work. No longer do you have to stand around aimlessly waiting to feed the machine with batch after batch of paper. Just pop open the loading door and fill the auto-chamber with your paper and go. It’s that easy.

The Stack-and-Shred will take over and do what it does best, shred away, and when it’s done, the machine will stop shredding. If you have legal paper to shred, unfortunately the chamber doesn’t support that size paper but only letter size and smaller. However, there is still the manual feed that is on the top of the shredder that loads 6 pieces of paper at a time. In addition to shredding paper, the Stack-and-Shred also slices up your credit cards with aplomb. Within seconds your old credit cards become confetti.

So far we have shredded several stacks of paper over and over at all different levels of stock and weight and so far the machine hasn’t jammed. The 7 gallon waste bin certainly holds a significant amount of paper and credit card shredding. However it would have been nice if the auto- chamber did support legal size paper so that size paper didn’t have to be fed manually. It also isn’t the quietest of shredders either. In fact, if you have it on the floor and live in an apartment, I would probably suggest placing it on something to avoid your neighbor from wanting to dump your shredded pieces of paper on your head.

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I do like that Swingline included with the Stack-and-Shred packaging a recyclable paper shredder bag. This certainly makes clean up much easier, but the bummer is that a case of 20 of these bags costs $39.99 which is certainly pricey compared to the overall cost of the Stack and Shred which costs anywhere from $229.99 to $279.99 online. In the end, the Stack-and-Shred is a hardy shredder that will do the job in an office or at home. It will cut in half your time hanging out at the shredder and increase your time hanging out at the water cooler.

The Good: Stack and shred feature saves your time and increases productivity. No paper jams so far. Slices and dices credit cards and papers so that no one can piece them together again.

The Bad: A bit loud. Pricey. Auto Chamber doesn’t support legal size paper.

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