iPad App of the Week: Tapose Might Just Give iPad Owners Real Multitasking

This app is still fairly far from being ready to hit the market, but the idea of what it should be able to do is exciting enough to warrant a mention. Tapose promises users the ability to use two apps simultaneously using a split-screen interface. Excited yet? It’s real multitasking, but it gets better. Tapose will allow you to drag and drop images, contacts, maps, and the like from one side to the other, or to the middle bar, which acts as temporary storage, kind of like a clipboard. The native Tapose program also allows you to draw or take notes over whatever you are working on. Finally, that middle bar can be moved, so you can give yourself more room for one app if you need it. Again, it’s far from being ready to hit the app store, but if it does hit looking anything like what’s described above, it’s going to be a must have for any iPad owner.


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