iPhone App of the Week: Stay on Top of Pop with Top 100 Music

The Top 100 Music App, available now for iPhones, promises top 100 lists for over twenty different countries. Both singles charts and album charts are available on both the free and paid versions of the app. The app claims you can listen to the songs listed and watch the accompanying music videos. This is partially true – you actually only have access to 30 second clips of the songs. But, as a reference guide to what’s hip in the world of music across the globe today, you could do a lot worse. It’s available now from the iTunes App Store. The paid version of the app is $0.99. The difference between the paid and free versions is, like with most other apps, the absence or presences of ads. The one thing it will do is make you well versed about music here and abroad and  you may just hear a song from Adele, before it lands here in the US.

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