iPhone App of the Week: Vimeo Goes Mobile

Vimeo, in case you haven’t heard of it, is an up-and-coming video hosting site that is gaining in popularity, and figures to continue that upward trajectory with their Vimeo app for iPhones, available for free right now from the iTunes App Store. Vimeo has a pretty healthy selection of both HD and SD videos, and both will be available from within the app. It’s simple to search, browse, or watch videos, but the Vimeo app really shines as a video hosting app with its upload offerings. You can record and upload within minutes, if you want, or you can use Vimeo’s video editor to combine and edit videos on the go. You can even add extra effects like transitions, titles, or background music. Vimeo promises more added extra effects on the way through app updates, too. If you want to be ready for the next time you see a celebrity on the street doing something ridiculous, the Vimeo app will have your golden footage on the Internet in no time flat.

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