VW Camper Van Tent Makes You Feel Like California Dreamin’

Feeling nostalgic for the 60’s? Or maybe just Woodstock? Well you are probably going to fall in love with this VW Camper Van Tent. This officially licensed camper by Volkswagen is an  exact replica of the 1965  VW Camper Van.  During those days, many found themselves  California Dreamin’ on their way around town to protest the war or get more flowers put in their hair. This updated tent version may be missing a motor, but it still as classic as the original one was. The details are incredibly realistic to the original van and it can even pack in your friends. The tent can support 4 people, in two separated double size rooms. The VW Camper Van Tent retails for £299.99 ($485 USD). The tent is available for pre-order and will not ship till August, which just happens to be the same month Woodstock is celebrating its 42nd anniversary. Now all you need is some mud and Acapulco Gold and you are good to go.

Update 03/5/12: Check out these awesome, and very tasty, FieldCandy Tents

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