BlackBerry App of the Week: Text Without the Texting Fees with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is basically just a standard text messenger, except it’s so useful, it’ll render paying for a texting plan unnecessary. If, that is, you and all of your friends install the app. As long as your contacts also have the app, you can send unlimited texts, videos, pictures and voice recordings to other WhatsApp users. You can use it communicate with non-BlackBerry phones, as well. It integrates fully with your contact list, so using it is fairly simple. The big benefit here, though – no international charges. It’s an excellent way to get around those monstrous international fees your phone company loves to charge you. You can download it now as a year-long free trial, which is awfully long for a trial period, but all the better for us. Now, it’s just a matter of convincing your friends to get it, too.

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