Take the Xbox 360 Modded Carbon Fiber Controller to E3 as Your Date

Carbon fiber is just all the rage at the moment.  There are rumors that Apple may have use on their next iPhone. It’s also an element being used in high-end glasses. Carbon fiber just has no bounds! So it’s no surprise that it would show up on a Xbox 360 controller. Evil Controllers currently has a modded available controller that not only has a carbon fiber finish but can be updated for the latest modifications for gaming.  For instance, it has rapid fire capabilities making it seem like your controller is on steroids. You will always be ahead of your buddies when you go head to head. It can also be continually updated via online downloads over time to get the most out of it and your gaming experience. This is all well and good for those who are interested in having a juiced-up controller. But I’m more taken with the carbon fiber look and how detailed it is. The carbon fiber covers the entire controller and the cross-pad has been replaced with Evil Controller specific buttons. The Carbon Fiber Xbox 360 modded controller retails for $129.99.


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  1. The controller is not real carbon fiber. It’s easy to tell from the photo’s. If they had used real carbon fiber the controller would have a more pro look to it. This just looks cheap.

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