Yatown Neighborhood Social Network is Facebook for Neighbors

In this day and age, many don’t know who their neighbors are. Some people just don’t care and others just want to be left alone. Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you is the common attitude mostly. The reality is that places like Wisteria Lane and Knots Landing are few and far between now, but that is about to change with Yatown. Yatown is a new neighborhood social network. It is currently available in 192,000 neighborhoods across America and is aiming to bring communities closer together by re-acquainting neighbors in a single, well known place for people to go and immediately “see” one another in an online “townsquare.”

The two co-founders of Yatown, Christopher Nguyen and Kevin Lim, created Yatown as a local social media solution specifically for neighbors to connect and share information where they live.

“We see our neighbors and wave at them all the time, but are limited to just a few houses nearby, and have no convenient way to connect with others who may know what’s going on with that downtown construction, or what that traffic jam was all about, or who’s the best plumber around,” said Lim. “There is no easy way to announce a garage sale to the neighborhood online, no easy way to promote the school fundraiser other than using a mailing list and no easy way to reach out to the neighborhood and campaign for school-funding measures.”


Neighbors on Yatown will automatically be grouped into neighborhoods without any special set up required of them. From there you can raise money for their local schools or community projects. It could also impact the 2012 presidential campaign by allowing officials up for re-election to reach their constituents much more easily. So now you’ll know who you can borrow sugar from.

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